Overview of NSB Di3 models made by Märklin
This list is sorted by the NSB locomotive number

Updated 27.01.2014

Yellow bold text above the photos are for the NSB prototypes, all made by NoHAB, Trollhättan, Sweden
Green Bold text below the photos is for the Märklin models

NoHAB demonstrator, factory number 2246, from Oct. 16 1954
Bought by NSB in 1957 after a long rental period, given no, Di3a 3.602.

Märklin 37665, Made in 2002 as an export model for Sweden 

NSB Di3a 3.602
Ex NoHAB demonstrator, factory no. 2246,  in service for NSB from 1957 to Oct. 11 1995.
Belongs now to the Norwegian Railway Museum in Hamar.  Restored back to the above demonstrator appearance.

Märklin 37686, 500 units made in 2013 for Märklin dealer Amundsen Hobby in Oslo, Norway

NSB Di3a 3.605
actory number 2341.  In service from May 14 1957 to 2001, sold to TÅGAB in Sweden as part spender.

Märklin no 3143 : made from 1983 to 1987
1983: export model for Norway
1984 - 1985: not in the program
1986 - 1987: available worldwide
My model, in the photo, has modified couplers.

NSB Di3a 3.607
Factory no. 2343, in service from June 19 1957 to Nov. 7 1996, scrapped in 2000.

Märklin 29660, NSB start set from 2013. including 2x NSB B1 passenger cars and one NSB F1 baggage car 

NSB Di3a 3.614
Factory number. 2397, in service from May 13 1958 to 1997, scrapped in 2000?

Trix 22169, 500 units made in 2011 for Märklin dealer Amundsen Hobby in Oslo, Norway
My model, in the photo, is a Märklin 37692 with the Trix 22169 body

NSB Di3a 3.618
Factory number. 2401, in service from Sept. 27 1958 to 1997, scrapped in Feb. 2000

Märklin 37692, 500 units made in 2011 for Märklin dealer Amundsen Hobby in Oslo, Norway 

NSB DI3a 3.623
Factory number 2418. in service from Aug. 19 1960 to 2000, sold to Ofotbanen as, Norway
3.622 and 3.623 was initially meant for VR, Finland, but was never formally ordered.  The production for VR was at an early stage, so it was completed with the same design as the NSB Di 3a, except for the 30cm additional length.

Märklin 3137, made in 1990 as export model for Norway, in two versions:
Version 1: with the side numbers close to the white line, front NSB logos shifted towards the right.
Version 2: with the side number as in the photo, front NSB logos in the centre.
My model, in the photo, is version 2 and has modified couplers.

NSB Di3a 3624
Factory number 2611, in service from April 8. 191965 to Nov. 26. 1998. Scrapped in 2000.
New item from Märklin in 2014.
This will be an all new locomotive. See the news information on the Märklin web site or news brochure.

Märklin article no. 39671  Photo stolen from Märklin online product database
I have to order one from my dealer.

JBV DI3a 3.628
Factory number 2615, in NSB service from July 1 1965 to 2000, sold to Jernbaneverket, the Norwegian national rail administration,
Still in use for snow removing at Bergensbanen and other "internal" purposes, with or without the big ploughs.
The big plough is often installed at end 1 only, see photo under the 3.628

Märklin 37662, made from 2007 to 2008.

Di3a 3.628, Removal of the big plough at end 2:

Thanks to Mr. Svein Ulvund, vossnow.net/, for letting me use his photo of the plough removal, shot Dec. 16th 2010 at Myrdal station.

NSB Di3b 3.641
 Factory number 2416, in NSB service from July 2nd 1960 to 2000, donated to the UN and sent to UNMIK Rail in Kosovo in 2001, as no. 007.
his locomotive was initially meant for Finland.  The order was cancelled due to political reasons.  Bought by NSB after conversion to standard track width.

Märklin 3068, made from 1964 to 1976, in two versions, the first NSB Di3 made by Märklin.
Version 1:
Produced in 1964 and 1965.
The NSB logo on the front is a thin plastic "transfer film".

Version 2:
Made from 1966 to 1976.
The NSB logo was printed. My model, in the photo, is version 2.

Märklin 3968:
3068 Version 2 was available as "assembly kit" from 1977 to 1979.


Technical data, NSB Di3a and Di3b:
item Di3a Di3b
Built by  NoHAB,
under license from GM EMD
Number built 32 3
Years built 1954 - 1969 1958 - 1959
NSB numbers 3.602 - 3.633 3.641 - 3.643
Co'Co' (A1A)'(A1A)'
Length 18,6 m 18,9 m *
Service weight 102 t 103 t
Diesel motor GM EMD
Power 1305kW, 1775 ps. /835 rpm
<generator EMD D12 or EMD D 32
Electric motors 6x Asea LJB 76
or EMD D29T
4x EMD D47
or EMD D77B
Starting power 265 kN 176,5 kN
Top speed 105 km/h 143 km/h
* also Di3a 3.602, 3.622 and 3.623

Di3 may be driven in consist with other NSB Di3 and NSB Di4, max three units.

The information in this page is compiled with information found in different internet sites (see below links), from Märklin Archive v4.80, the NJK's (Norwegian Railway Club) books
"List of Norwegian Locomotives and railcars 1.1.1986" and "-1.1.2001", and the book "Di. 3 – Billedboken om en loklegende". BSN Forlag, Oslo 1999, ISBN 82-91448-29-9 by Mr Ståle Næss.

I hope I got everything correct, but no warranties.

Some interesting links about this versatile locomotive:

The Norwegian Railway Club's Rolling Stock database
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/www.lolkebijlsma.com/di3, very nice train website

Other Märklin based DI3 models on the market:
Some Norwegian small series model makers have over the years made their own models based on Märklin models, partly modified with other motors and transmission types.
From Wikipedia: NSB Di3 models.  Scroll down and notice the column "Produsent(er).  As far as I understand, many of these Di3 models based on the Märklin NoHAB were rebuilt to 2-rail DC operation.

Trix and Märklin:
I have found an error in the wikipedia list.  It says 3.618, Märklin 37692 DC.  This should of course be AC.
But. as I have a 3.618 Märklin AC with a Trix 3.614 DC body, you can also find the 3.614 TRix DC version with a 3-618 Märklin AC body.  Except for the number, the Trix and the Märklin bodies are identical.